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I am a very goal oriented person. Since January I have been adding things to this. This is what I see my life as in 6 years from now. My family might tell me I am going to live in a trailer park but I am going to be self made and perfectly happy with that. And that will be a big fuck you to my family.

Thank you all


I should have listen to certain people where I was told I could do better and I am out of league. Well as some know I don’t really believe in the “he’s/she’s out of your league” thing cause if you are only after looks then you need to open both eyes abd see the beauty of an individual’s heart. I…

It’s funny now that I have a boyfriend that actually trusts me I am a good girlfriend. I am moving in with him I can’t wait to start a life. No you weren’t out of my league I was out of your league and you knew that and it made you a crazy boyfriend which pushed me away.

My wonderful boyfriend @klinemichael8492 💘 it’s crazy how happy he makes me. A few months ago I never thought I would have ever gotten a chance with him or he would even give me a second thought. I was a awkward freshman with a crush on the cute popular older scene boy. Now a little over 4 years later I am happier than I have ever been with any guy and about to move in with him 😍💘 we have been together for a short time but I can see us lasting a long time. He’s my rock and the only reason why I am semi-sane. Thank you baby for being a amazing boyfriend even though your a asshole sometimes. 💘💗😍

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